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General Information
Available Formats: BiblioLine, CD-ROM Number of Records: 1,310,133
Dates of Coverage: 1971-to-present Number of CD-ROMS: 4
Database: Anthology of 13 files Update Frequency: Quarterly
Subject Category: Life Sciences
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Product Overview
Aquatic Biology, Aquaculture & Fisheries Resources (ABAFR) is an exclusive combination of the world's premier databases. ABAFR combines all relevant portions of Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) with FISHLIT, and AGRIS Fisheries & Aquaculture subsets, Fisheries Review, Fish & Wildlife Reference Service, and much more. These major collections on three CD-ROMs provide unparalleled access to information on the science and management of aquatic organisms and environments.

Featuring the ASFA thesaurus

ABAFR is the only major aquaculture resource to provide automated searching with the Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts thesaurus (10,000 terms). In addition, all taxa have been expanded - from genus to subkingdom - using the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) and FISHLIT taxonomic codes. Addresses are included for over 50,000 publishing scientists! Other resources provided uniquely in this database include the ASFA Monitoring List - publications indexed in ASFA - and the ASFA Geographic Authority List. These tools, plus the great databases listed below, make ABAFR the ultimate value for scientists, researchers, and other professionals.

Sources include scientific journals and periodicals, monographs, proceedings of conferences and symposia, government reports, books, theses and dissertations, and other relevant documents. Many are rare, unpublished, or not indexed by other databases.
Database Content
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts
Part 1: Biological Sciences & Living Resources

(1978-present) Extensive coverage of basic and applied research on aquatic organisms. All aspects of marine, freshwater, and brackishwater organisms and environments are examined, including information on biology and ecology of aquatic organisms, exploitation of living resources, and related legal, policy, and socioeconomic issues. From 1990, aquatic pollution and environmental quality are covered in ASFA Part 3 only. ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts and ASFA Marine Biotechnology Abstracts are included in ASFA Part 1. Sponsored by four United Nations agencies and produced in partnership with research centers worldwide. Over 649,940 records in all.


(1985-present) NISC SA, in association with the J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, and Rhodes University, South Africa. With comprehensive coverage of tropical areas and African freshwater fish in particular, FISHLIT provides essential information for developing countries. Citations drawn from over 1,000 journals are fully indexed. Some coverage dates to the 1800s. Over 213,780 records in all.

AGRIS Fisheries & Aquaculture Subset

(1975-present) offers an international perspective on aquaculture. Sponsored by the Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, the literature indexed in the subset includes many unique materials, such as technical reports and gray literature collected from all the countries participating in the UN program. In addition to English, many records have Spanish and French keywords as well. Over 221,970 records in all.

Fisheries Review

(1971-present) NISC SA now produces Fisheries Review in conjunction with FISHLIT. Fisheries Review was produced by the U.S. National Biological Service through 1995. Excellent coverage of fin fish and all aspects of fisheries. Thorough taxonomic and geographic identifiers are especially helpful. From 1996 on, Fisheries Review will emphasize North American resources. Over 109,600 records in all.

Fish Database

(1960-present) Fish & Wildlife Reference Service. Ninety percent of this file is drawn from unpublished research reports and surveys from U.S. state agencies. Content emphasizes fish management, streams, wetlands, and endangered species. Over 21,650 records in all.

Fish Subset of Medline
(1966-present) - Medline, the world's premier health database, is produced by the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, USA.   Coverage in this subset of the medical literature includes veterinary science, the detection and control of fish diseases in aquaculture species.  Human nutrition as it relates to fish or shellfish diet, including fish oils, allergies to fish and shellfish, poisonous fish. Over 53, 400 records in all.

Fishing Industry Research Institute (FIRI) Database
Cape Town, South Africa. The FIRI database (33,000 records) covers all aspects of the aquaculture and fishing industries, specialising in fish and shellfish processing and quality control of fish products.

(1970-84) National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. A wealth of valuable abstracts on all aspects of marine, freshwater, and brackish water organisms. 10,440 records.

AQUIRE - Aquatic Information Retrieval
AQUIRE, produced by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), contains information on acute, chronic, bioaccumulative, and sub lethal effects data from tests performed on freshwater and saltwater organisms (bacteria, birds, and aquatic mammals are excluded). Data items include chemical substance information, study protocol, and test results. More than 17,754 records cover 6,500 chemicals.

Fish Health News

(1978-85) U.S. National Fisheries Research Center. Detailed abstracts covering a wide variety of fish diseases and infections. Fish-health references since 1985 are in Fisheries Review. 3,184 records.

Castell's Nutrition References

(1970-present) John Castell, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada. Castell's respected resource covers five major areas: Fish Nutrition References, Crustacean Nutrition References, Mollusc Nutrition References, and Fish Culture (not nutrition), as well as Fish Oil in Human Health. Over 20,970 records in all.

Composite records

Duplication among files is resolved by special, software-created composite records that contain the information shared by two or more source records, plus any data that is unique to a record. These "super records" records provide all the relevant information, but without the inconvenience of duplicate citations. Over 188,595 records in all.

Subject Coverage
  • Academic Ichthyology
  • Aquatic Communities
  • Biology & Physiology
  • Culture of Shellfish, Plants, & Other Organisms
  • Ecology, Ecosystems, & Environment
  • Economics & Commercial Management
  • Experimental Research
  • Marketing & Aquatic Products
  • Pollution of Aquatic Environments
  • Population Studies & Distribution
  • Fish Culture, Propagation, & Diseases
  • Fishing Methods & Productivity
  • Food Webs & Species Interaction
  • Fouling & Boring
  • Legislation, Regulations, & Policy
  • Living Resources
  • Marine Birds, Mammals, Cetaceans
  • Protozoa & Microorganisms
  • Statistics & Research Models
  • Technology & Engineering 
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