Fact Sheet Child Abuse, Child Welfare & Adoption  

General Information
Available Formats: BiblioLine, CD-ROM Number of Records: 41,933
Dates of Coverage: 1965-to-present Number of CD-ROMS: 1
Subject Category: Social Sciences Update Frequency: Annually
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Product Overview

NISC is pleased to offer, in association with the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse & Neglect Information and the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, FREE
BiblioLine or CD-ROM access to the foremost  bibliographic resource on the maltreatment, safety, permanency and well-being of children. This valuable resource is available to libraries and other qualified institutions. NISC's intuitive search software lets any user, from beginner to expert, access all these important databases with ease.

The Child Abuse, Child Welfare & Adoption Database is indispensable for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and administrators working to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect, and to provide out-of-home placement and permanency planning services. Subscriptions are available to qualified professional organizations worldwide: libraries, universities, social and health care providers, law firms, policy makers, public agencies, professional associations, etc., with a professional, institution-wide interest in the database.

Citations and abstracts are to books, journal articles, final reports from federally-funded grant, conference papers, unpublished papers, reports on completed or continuing research, as well as descriptions of service programs and prevention and treatment strategies. Materials cited are primarily in English-language, originating from U.S. research and service programs.

Search these major subjects on:

  • child maltreatment
  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • emotional & psychological abuse
  • child neglect
  • out-of-home placement
  • foster care
  • permanency planning
  • visitation and family reunification
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • adoption
  • private adoption
  • intercountry adoption
  • transracial adoption
  • search and reunion
  • open adoption
Database Content
Documents Database (Over 31,600 records with abstracts)
The Child Abuse, Child Welfare and Adoption documents database contains over 31,600 bibliographic citations and abstracts of professional literature, primarily of U.S. origin. Publication types include books, journals, government reports, conference papers, state annual reports, legislation, curricula, and unpublished papers available from the clearinghouse.
Multimedia Database (329 records with abstracts)
This bibliographic database of multimedia materials is intended as a resource for all audiences, from parents to child care and law enforcement professionals. Various media include: audio and video tapes, CD-ROMs, slides, and CDs.
1998 Federally Funded Child Abuse & Neglect Research Database (168 records)
This database contains profiles of 168 federally funded research projects on various aspects of child abuse and neglect. Each profile contains an abstract and findings of the research.
U.S. State Statute Series (2,256 records)
This database of full-text documents and bibliographic details provides excellent access to the latest legislative efforts.
Annotated Bibliographies (39 records)
These select Bibliographies are collected from the thousands of articles indexed in the documents database. They examine prevention, intervention and treatment issues in relation to the impact of violence on children. Ordering and price details are given in each record.
The Child Abuse, Child Welfare & Adoption Thesaurus
The thesaurus lists all of the 2,000 technical terms used in indexing documents on child maltreatment, out-of-home placement, permanency planning and adoption, etc. Fully automated on the CD-ROM, the thesaurus can be displayed in various ways and easily navigated. Using a thesaurus to construct precise, powerful keyword searches has never been simpler.
Subject Coverage
  • Definition and etiology of child abuse and neglect
  • Social and economic factors
  • Identification, treatment, and prevention strategies
  • Effects (sequelae) on children and adults abused as children
  • Legal issues
  • Service programs, prevention programs
  • Federally-funded research projects
  • Training programs for service personnel
  • Abuse and developmental disabilities
  • Ethnicity and cultural competency
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