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Available Formats: BiblioLine, CD-ROM Number of Records: 247,195+
Dates of Coverage: 1978-to-present Number of CD-ROMS: 1
Subject Category: Life Sciences Update Frequency: Quarterly
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Every day, new insect species are discovered, and studies reveal more about these and the millions of species already identified. For researchers whose work is affected by these findings, Entomology Abstracts, from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, provides the only practical means to keep up with the field. All research reports of direct relevance to entomology are assembled here, with coverage including:
• insects • arachnids • myriapods •onychophorans • terrestrial isopods
Database Content
Entomology Abstracts

provides important information on geographic distribution, nomenclature, new species, and more. From ancient fossilized forms to newly-discovered species, this database gathers and summarizes all the latest information on insects and insect-like species, for truly global coverage of the field. 10,200 abstracts are added per year.
Subject Coverage

Topics (abridged)

• General
• Systematics
• Phylogeny, Morphology, & Faunistics
• Physiology, Anatomy, & Biochemistry
• Reproduction & Development
• Ecology, Behavior, & Biology
• Genetics & Evolution
• Techniques
• Fossil Forms & Faunas
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