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   Edited by George R. Hill
Product Overview

The Index to Printed Music: Collections & Series combines the Index Database, the Bibliography Database and the Names Database into the only electronic title for finding individual pieces of music printed in standard scholarly editions, as well as performing editions in series. Because it indexes each individual piece in a collection, it provides superior access for scholars, performers, teachers, and other researchers. Music for specific performing forces is easily retrievable, thus offering detailed repertory for performers, conductors, and directors of ensembles.

The music included is published in sets and series organized according to various criteria:

  • by composer (Complete works: Gesamtausgaben)
  • by geographical area (Monuments: Denkmäler)
  • by time or style period
  • by original source (usually manuscript)
  • in anthologies
Database Content

The Index Database currently contains ca. 307,000 records, with over 20 fields of information: names (composers, poets, librettists, editors); titles and alternate titles; language of text and text incipit; performing forces (medium); identifying numbers (item numbers, opus/thematic catalogue numbers, key); formats (full score, piano vocal score, parts, etc.); language; presence of non-standard clefs; figured bass and how treated; duration of piece (if given in item); genres; musical incipit (if needed for identification); citations for performing editions based on the main work; and RISM source numbers. Only fields relevant to the individual piece are present.

The Index Database is linked to the Bibliography Database (ca. 14,000 citations). This database is searchable by composer, title, and series name and number. Linking the Bibliography and Index records is a standard edition number. From the Bibliography record, this number allows users to view all index entries for a particular title. From an Index record, this number enables users to link to the Bibliography title for quick searching in library catalogues.

The Names Database currently contains around 20,000 names with three times as many cross-references (alternate forms of the names). The names, whether for composer, librettist, poet, or editor, have been established by researching the scholarly literature to determine the most complete form based on the latest published research. Many of the cross-references are based on those established by the Library of Congress.

Currently, the Index to Printed Music includes approximately 307,000 index entries. Recently, the Music Library Association received a grant from the Mellon Foundation to support the development of the database. This grant is  enabling the project to complete the indexing of the music listed in the bibliography Collected editions, historical series & sets & monuments of music : a bibliography, by George R. Hill and Norris L. Stephens (Berkely, Fallen Leaf Press, 1997), and to add additional titles to the bibliography and complete their indexing. IPM is a project of the not-for-profit organization named the James Adrian Music Company, of which George R. Hill is president. Other major participants in the work include Zdravko Blazekovic, Linda Solow Blotner, Joseph M. Boonin, Mary W. Davidson, Elizabeth A. Davis, Paul R. Emmons, Michael Fling, Barbara A. Renton, Gordon S. Rowley, David Sommerfield, and Norris L. Stephens. 

The Index to Printed Music is based on a methodology developed by prominent musicologists and librarians. It has received support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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